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Jun 17, 2020

Kitchen Design Essentials is a podcast series to provide all the information you need for your kitchen renovation, new kitchen or kitchen makeover.

Frances provides an overview of what to expect in this specialised Kitchen Design Season and outlines all the areas that will be covered in this multi episode podcast. All you need to know to complete your kitchen will be covered, from layout, design considerations, materials, lighting, storage, pantries, taps, sinks and appliances.


Kitchen Designs need to work hard for all families. They are your entertaining space, a family congregation space and the hub of the home. Therefore, it is important to get it right. In this episode of the podcast, Frances outlines the Kitchen Design Essentials Season. What’s in store, who will be joining her, what will be covered, and why you should listen in!

In this special Podcast Season – Kitchen Design Essentials, Frances will discuss every element to do with Kitchen Design, as well as inviting amazing guests onto the show to go into detail on different topics. A common mistake often made is joinery made for the space, rather than the people that will be using it.  A square peg into a round hole scenario, which is not the best approach to creating a kitchen that is designed  around  how they're going to live.

The Kitchen Design Essentials Podcast Season is created for those  who are:

  • Thinking of, or in the process of doing a kitchen renovation
  • Creating a kitchen from scratch for a new home
  • Looking at a kitchen makeover instead of a full renovation
  • Interested in kitchen design
  • Wanting lots of knowledge to plan for your kitchen in the future.

Guests on the show

Experts from all areas such as material manufacturers, builders, lighting designers, and appliance representatives, will be joining Frances to share their insight and expertise on various topics, so you’re getting well rounded information from a wide source of specialists.

What the season will cover:

  • When’s it best to do a makeover Vs renovation
  • Where best to locate your kitchen
  • Design layouts
  • How to assess your design
  • Custom design and flat packs
  • Cabinetry materials
  • Benchtop materials
  • Details – handles and hardware
  • Taps and sinks
  • Splashbacks
  • Butler’s pantries, WIP & appliance cupboards
  • Key measurements & kitchen triangle/work area
  • Appliances
  • Lighting
  • Ventilation
  • Colours and decorating
  • Storage & bins
  • Makeovers
  • Outdoor kitchens

Frances will cover the  best location for your kitchen in your home, the orientation of kitchen,  advantages and disadvantages of certain layouts and key considerations to think about when choosing your kitchen layout.

Assessing designs and how to know if the design presented to you is going to work for you. Frances will  also talk about custom design kitchens and flat pack kitchens cabinetry materials and their advantages and disadvantages material types.

Frances will also cover benchtop materials, including new products coming onto the market, splashbacks and regulations, handles and hardware details, and other elements that really complete and finish your kitchen off, making it unique to you.

The differences between tap and sink types and what to look for, and where to spend.

Butler's Pantry, Walk-in-Pantries and appliance cupboards will also be discussed to allow you to determine what will work best for you.

Frances runs through appliances, how to assess what’s best for you, and understanding key measurements.

Finally, Frances will discuss the importance of good task lighting, decorative lighting and how to avoid glare and shadow, plus the ever important (and often forgotten) element of good ventilation.

Decorating and choosing colours can be fun, and Frances will outline key considerations when selecting colours, as well and how to decorate your kitchen.


Available Services:

If you’re thinking about renovating or creating your kitchen get in touch with Frances directly, by booking a 15 minute chat with her.

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You may also book an initial consultation to start the process of renovating or building your new home or get one-off advice to finish your home.

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