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Apr 22, 2021

In this episode of Your Forever Home, Frances has guests Cathryn Matchett and Trisha Narde from Reece Bathroom Life to discuss different types of basins available and when one may be more suitable over another. They chat through different material types along with what to look for in a quality basin. Lots to learn to make good basin decisions.



Types of Basins  

Above counter- A popular wash basin that sits above the counter.  

  •  Can be used as a featurepiece in your bathroom  
  • They are aesthetically pleasing because it allows you to show off the basins beautiful design characteristic, colour and palette 
  • They provide more storage underneath 
  • The basin is deeper compared to other basins so are ideal for families  

UndermountOpposite to the above counter basin because the whole basin sits underneath the bench. 

  • Available in different shapes 
  • A clean and simple aesthetic 
  • Doesn’t allow a lot of storage underneath 
  • More difficult to clean 

Semi inset- Half of the basin is above the counter and the other half is underneath.  

Semi Recessed-A wash basin mounted on a furniture unit or worktop.  The rear half of the wash basin is recessed into the top of the unit and all the pipe work can be concealed. The front half of the basin protrudes in front of the unit. 

Wall mounted basins- are a great choice for small bathrooms or powder room as they are mounted against the wall.  

Washstandsthese wash basins are commonly seen in hotels and nightclubs.  They stand on the floor and are all in one piece. 


Types of Materials 

Steel- has beautiful,fine edges compared to ceramic and available in various different finishes 

Solid surface- made up of crushed minerals mixed with resinTypically above counter basins are made in solid surface material and it is available in different finishes ranging from matte to gloss.  

Porcelain/ Ceramicthese are the traditional materials for basins, and fortunately there have been many technological advancements in ceramic. For instance, Laufen, a swiss manufacturing company, makes ceramic with a mineral found in sapphires soit gives the material a flexural strength, equal to that of steel. It has the potential to have wafer-thin edges.  

Concrete Basins- wash basins that are made of cement.  

  • Porous material so it's a little bit difficult to clean.  
  • If not properly sealed, it could stain and discolour 


Types of Colours, Textures and Finishes 

Matte Finishavailable in solid surface materials 

Coloured basinsfor cement or porcelain basins 

Ceramic in pottery- For instance,  Robert Gordon creates basins with different types of glazes 


Different Buying Criteria 

Shape- Rounded shape basins are recommended (such as oval)but you can also buy rectangular or soft square 

Ease of cleaning  

Depth of the basin 

Which type of bathroom the basin is going into- For instance, typically you would like a beautiful basin in a master en suite, but more simple option in the main bathroom.  


Price points 

Undermount basinsapprox $300 

Above counter basins- depending on material and quality, between $500-550 

High quality basins from Laufendepending on their size, between $1,200-1,500 

Solid surfacebetween $550-$700 


What's popular at the moment? 

Basins that have an Organic shape – eg circle, d-shape 


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