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Jun 6, 2021

 In this episode of the Your Forever Home Podcast, part of the Bathroom Design Essentials Season, Frances outlines some of the major mistakes she sees people make when designing their bathroom. Expensive mistakes that can be avoided, which she outlines in this episode, so you’re not having to live with a less than desirable outcome.

This is a must listen if you’re designing your bathroom.



Major mistakes: 

No Internal Elevations 

Homeowners often feel they don’t need internal elevations for their bathroom design, as they feel they can easily instruct the cabinet maker or builder in this area. This can unfortunately lead to lots of (avoidable) issues on siteand ultimately lead to miscommunication and a less than ideal outcome. 

Benefits of Internal Elevations: 

  • Provides clear roadmap for your builder. 
  • Allows your builder to give you an accurate quote. 
  • It shows your cabinetry design and fittings. 
  • You can view everything before it is built, which allows you to make changes and discuss things with your family during the early stages. 

Freestanding bath not suitable for the space 

Adding a freestanding bath that is not suitable for the space is design compromise. Not only that, but it makes cleaning difficult as it would be hard to reach in behind the bath. It also needs adequate space between the wall and the bath to give the aesthetic look that a freestanding bath needsFreestanding baths are also expensive to retrofit because they cost more than a standard bath.  

Inadequate storage 

Towels, shampoo bottles, toothbrushes, toilet rolls- you’ll need to find room for all of these things if you haven’t allowed for adequate storage in your bathroomDon’t compromise storage over aesthetic in your bathroom.  

  • Determine what you need to store. 
  • Then work out your storage requirements.  
  • Don’t underestimate eye height storage  

Lack of adequate task lighting 

Consider having task lighting as well as downlights in your bathroom. This will be helpful when you are getting ready in the morning or at night.  It is benefitial to have multiple light sources to meet your requirements and also the ability to dial up or dim down as you need to.  

Tile Layout 

  • A shower niche that does not match the tile layout.  
  • If there are other tiles at the doorway, it needs to marry up with the tiles in the bathroom so the look is seamless.  

No Ventilation 

It is important to have a window that opens in the bathroom. You need to allow the moisture to escape and fresh air to come in.  

Toilet Position 

Avoid placing the toilet in front of your bathroom door. If possible, try to tuck your toilet around the back of the door, or to the side. Toilets are expensive to move, but when you are building a new house it’s worth the investment to get an internal elevation as it will help you get the design right – from the start.   

Mixer inside the shower  

Consider placing the mixer at the side instead of having it right next to the shower rail so you don’t get wet turning it on.  

Window treatments 

Spending a lot of money on window treatments without considering moisture resistant properties and accessibility.  

Natural Light 

Consider introducing natural lighting by adding a window at eye height. If it’s not possible, you might want to opt for the following: 

  • Skylight- Make sure that it actually opens , and that it has also a blind that can block the sun during the summer.  
  • Highlight window 


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