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May 27, 2020

Toilets may not be the sexiest subject to discuss, however they are still an  essential element  when renovating or creating your Forever Home.

This episode covers the differences between toilet styles and types of toilets so you can decide on  type of toilet is the best for you. Not all toilets are the same, and Frances covers rimless, back to wall, hidden cistern and floating pan options.

Back to Wall toilets

Back to Wall toilets have a visible cistern.  It's entire toilet system that  goes back against the wall, hence why it's called back to wall. Available with a  ceramic  or plastic cistern. This type of toilet most cost effective toilet systems, however they do come in a wide variety of styles and budgets.

Rimless toilets

Rimless toilets allow for easier cleaning, as well as having a more internal streamlined and simplified aesthetic. Being rimless, they are easier to clean, and more  hygienic as dirt does not get trapped under the rim,  Most rimless toilets use a direct flush technique which means flushing doesn't come from underneath the rim.  

Rimless toilets are generally more expensive than a standard back to wall toilet, particularly if you’re after a particular brand. Expect to pay a few hundred dollars more for a rimless style toilet.

Hidden Cistern

Hidden cisterns are normally hidden within the wall cavity. The pan is exposed but the cistern is hidden with flushing operated via a flush plate on the wall.  It requires less space so their shorter length makes them ideal for smaller style powder rooms or tight spaces.

Compared to traditional back to wall toilets, they  are more expensive with the different elements  purchased individually- pan, flush plate and cistern. In addition, they also require additional work to install which can increase  the installation cost.

Some people prefer the aesthetic of a hidden cistern, making the overall look of the toilet less bulky, but this is a personal preference.

Floating Pans

Floating Pan operate with a hidden cistern. Instead of the pan being on the floor, it is wall mounted and floating off the floor. It again created a more steamlined look, and makes floor cleaning easier.  

Floating pan and hidden cistern are the most  expensive option.


Things to consider in choosing Toilets;


Toilets can be anywhere from $300 upwards of $2000 depending on its, brand, components and and aesthetic.

Interchangeable seats

Most toilets have interchangeable seats. Make sure you get one that has a click mechanism to easily take them off for cleaning. 

Size and height

For easy accessibility some clients prefer toilets that are a little bit higher than standard. It makes it easier as you get older to get back up, and also for tall people.


Available Services

It’s easy to become overwhelmed by the amount of decisions that need to be made when creating stylish, functional and durable  bathrooms.

With our help, your bathroom renovation will be far less stressful, and the results will stand the test of time. Interested? Book a FREE 15-minute chat with Frances today! 

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