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May 23, 2021

In this Forever Home podcast episode, Frances outlines how to get the most out of your Powder room -whether it’s the family powder room, or one for guests, she provides design suggestions on how to get the most out of both of these spaces. From injecting personality into your guest powder room, to adding lots of storage so the main powder room can be utilised as an ‘overflow getting ready’ space when kids no longer want to share the family bathroom. This episode will make you revisit powder room design to maximise it’s functionality, and maximise it’s aesthetic appeal.



Family Powder Room  

  • This sits next to the family or main bathroom so it needs to work really hard for you.  
  • When designing your powder room, you need to take into consideration that it may be used as an overflow room eg for getting ready or a separate space for kids or teenagers.  

What needs to be considered; 

  • Adequate storage - include a proper vanity with good bench space and avoid having a pedestal basin or a wall-mounted basin, so that it provides a large enough area so you can also get ready if need be 
  • Good task lighting - add task lighting that illuminates your face which will be helpful if you need to use the space to get ready (i.e shave or do make up) 
  • Add powerpoints- for toothbrush, hairdryer, shaver etc.  
  • Good size mirror 


Guest Powder Room 

  • The guest powder room provides a golden opportunity to break some rules and add personality into the space. 
  • Options to consider: 
    • Bright or bold colours. 
    • Wallpapers- psychedelic, bright florals, linen, botanical or iridescent. Be mindful not to use paper-based wall papers in a powder room, instead go for a commercial grade vinyl as it is washable and heavy duty.  
    • Wild tiles- can be installed on walls or floors. A fantastic talking point for your guests. Consider either embossed or neutral.  
    • Spectacular lighting- add an amazing pendant light for effect 

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