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Nov 18, 2021

In this short and sharp episode, Frances discusses the coordination of bathroom floor tiles with the main flooring throughout the home, and how tiles cannot be looked at in isolation from other materials in the home.

She chats about the overall colour tone being used in the home, either warm or cool, and how that also needs to be reflected in bathroom material choices.



A key bathroom mistake Frances often sees is NOT looking at the entire flow of material selections from one part of the home into another.

Creating continuity

The floor is one of the key areas that links our home together and creates continuity throughout.

How to create continuity?

The same colour tone throughout

For example;

  • Hard Flooring (Warm Colour Tone) & Carpet (Warm Colour Tone)
  • Hard Flooring (Cool Colour Tone) & Carpet (Cool Colour Tone)


Tiles- The floor tile being used in your bathroom, ensuite or powder room should marry into the floor that it's butting up against, be that a timber floor, carpet or another tile.

Be sure to obtain samples so you can see how the floor material and the floor tile work together and that they are of the same tone.

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